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Why diabetics should have regular eye tests.

Kurt Mechkaroff - Monday, March 02, 2020
Why diabetics should have regular eye tests.

Diabetes can affect the eye in a number of ways.   Over time diabetes can cause changes to the small blood vessels of the eye leading to leakage of fluid into the retina (Diabetic Retinopathy).  This has the potential to affect vision.   The risk of developing these changes increases with time and when glucose levels are not well controlled.  Thankfully these changes can be successfully treated if caught early so regular eye tests are the best way to keep your eyes healthy.  It is recommended that you have a eye test when you are first diagnosed with diabetes and then on a regular bases.  Our optometrists are experienced in managing diabetic eyes and are fully equipped to assess and monitor your eyes.  OCT (Ocular Coherence Tomography) technology allows us to see through the layers of the retina to detect changes before they become visible to the human eye.

As well as changes to the retina, diabetes can also cause the following:

  •  Temporary double vision lasing a few months
  • Cataracts- glare sensitivity and blurred vision.
  • Large change in your vision.

Regular eye tests are the key to maintaining healthy eyes and remember if you notice any changes to your vision make an appointment to have your eyes assessed.