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Lacitec: Providing relief from dry eyes


Lacitec: Providing relief from dry eyes

Lacritec is an Australian owned and Australian made product which is an oral supplement that effectively provides long term relief of dry eyes, from the inside out! Unlike the numerous ‘band-aid’ type short term eye drop treatments available almost everywhere, this powerful supplement is available only from selected optometry clinics and needs to be specifically prescribed by your eyehealth professional.

Lacritec uses a specially formulated blend of omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids from fish oil, flaxseed oil and borage oil. This combination of ingredients helps to reduce lacrimal gland inflammation, which in turn results in improved tear production and reduced tear film surface tension.
Studies have shown that Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil and flaxseed oil contribute to decreasing and preventing dry eye syndrome. Our bodies cannot naturally produce these essential fatty acids. This is why it is so important to ensure you are consuming enough of it from your diet. Often in a modern western diet we do not ingest enough of it in its purest form. In this form, the body is able to use it immediately for essential functions, the main one being the eyes. Hence is why an oral supplement was created and works efficiently.

Lacritec Capsules are not only ideal for Dry Eye sufferers but also patients whom are contact lens wearers and sometimes experience discomfort, patients whom are subjected to alot of air travel or air conditioning, and patients who are leading up to/have had cataract surgery or laser eye surgery (to improve the integrity of the eyes front surface).

The recommended dosage is usually 3per day for the first 1-2months, and then can be reduced to 2 per day thereafter. If symptoms re-appear then the dosage can be maintained at 3 per day. The daily dosage can be taken all at the same time, or staggered throughout the day (whatever the patient preference is).

If you are looking for an alternative to eye drops, wish to have your treatment regime assessed, or wish to see whether your symptoms are appropriate to this type of treatment, then please come in store and speak to one of our optometrists for further information. Research has showed that eye drop usage fell by nearly 50% per day on average in 209 patients. The reliance of eye drops is an annoying one and hence being able to reduce that for our patients means better quality of life.

01 July 2020

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